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Rock Climbing

Stredni vez-pred bourkouSandstone rock climbing in the Czech Paradise and in the other sandstone in the Czech Republic is an unforgettable experience. There are amazing views of the Czech Paradise from the top of the sandstone towers.

We provide climbing in the Czech Paradise and also in the other Czech Republic climbing locations. Our favorite place is Ostrov by Decin. It's a peaceful place which offers beautiful climbs on the rocks of the Czech – Saxon borders and other close locations.

Rock climbing in the Czech Republic’s sandstone areas is dependent on the weather, as climbing on the wet rock is not allowed, as it's likely to cause damage.

If the weather's not good you can try abseiling, which in fact is the only climber’s way down from the top of the sandstone tower. In the case of really bad weather you can try climbing at the indoor climbing wall. Nowadays it's basically the cradle of almost all rock climbers.

We hire you quality climbing equipment which along with the instructor assures your absolute safety even in the most extreme climbing situations so you can enjoy your climbing day without any worries.

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Sandstone crags of the Czech Paradise are mainly created by the integration of the sandstone towers and cliffs. If there are lots of them in a small area they are called rock towns. Over the past hundred years many tourists, adventurers and climbers have been attracted to them. During the development of rock climbing and the acceptance of the Saxon (German) sandstone climbing rules, a unique form of climbing was created. It can't be found anywhere else in the world except Saxon and the Czech Republic. On the way to the desirable summit, people have to struggle not only against the difficulty of the route but against their own fear, mind and the desire to get to the top as well. The reward for overcoming the difficulties is the view of the landscape, which is the most beautiful from the top of the sandstone tower and not everyone is so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Some of the unique qualities of sandstone climbing are:

  • long distances between the bold rings or the total absence of bold rings
  • use of soft knots of different sizes and shapes for protection, use of friends, nuts and other metal gear is prohibited
  • no chalk rules because of the chalk marks on the rock