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Climbing Trip


This course is suitable for everyone who is interesting in rock climbing in the Czech Paradise. It's for children, adults, beginning and advenced climbers. It's also suitable for non-climbers, who'd like to start with climbing or try something new.


After meeting at the agreed meeting point we'll go into the labyrinth of rocks, where you can find out, that the view to the landscape from the rock tower you've just climbed is the best reward for the effort you made.

You don't have to be "strong athlete" to enjoy rock climbing. Rocks of the Czech Paradise offer climbing routes of wide range of climbing grades – it can satisfie everyone - those who desire hard climbs, easy going climbers or family with children who just want to enjoy a day in the rocks.

Climbing is done under the supervision of an experienced instructor. You will be safely belayed during the whole time. Lending of the quality climbing equipment is commonplace.

Course duration: 1 day (6 – 7 h), ½ day (3 hours)

Number of participants: Max. 4 (more after agreement)

Price depends on the course duration and on the number of participants. For more details, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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Sandstone Climbing Course

Lezení Suché skály PetraAli 103Sandstone Climbing Course

We'll teach you everything you need to know about sandstone climbing. After this course you should be able to climb trad sandstone routes on your hook. You will learn about useful knots and hitches, setting of soft knots as runners and anchors, building the belay point, safe belaying of the second climber from the top, abseiling, prusiking.

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You'll try climbing chimneys, cracks, slabs and face climbing.

We'll introduce you to the sandstone climbing ethics and regulations and we'll show you how to work with the guide book.

Conditions of course attendance: Be able to lead routes up to UIAA grade 5+ on the climbing wall.

Number of attendants: 2-3

Duration: 2,5 days, start on Friday late afternoon (18.00) at the climbing wall, then weekend in the rocks

Equipment: Your own: helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes, cow-tail with karabiner, quick-draws, HMS karabiners.

Your own set of soft knots – we'll be glad to help you to choose the right ones. We can lend you some

Price (CZK)


Number of persons
Price per person
1 4500,-
2 4500,-
3 3500,-


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If rock climbing is not your cut of tea, but you want to spice up your Czech Paradise visit, go for abseiling. It's walking down the steep rock face from the top to the bottom.
Abseiling is not physically demanding and is suitable for both adults and children.

1-6 participants (more people on request)
duration of approximately 2,5 hours
abseiling various rock faces, hight about 40 m
provide of all equipment

Slaňování - slečna

Climbing Wall

The indoor climbing wall is not only a great place for beginners to learn how to climb, but it’s also a must for professional or more experienced climbers wishing to improve strength, techniques and try out new methods.

Kopie - 100 4767

If you’re not sure whether climbing is for you, the indoor wall is a good place to visit to go an try out the sport. Whether you’d like to start climbing but don’t know how or if you already have the taste for climbing and want to learn more, we are happy to help you in one of our climbing sessions at the indoor wall. We will teach you all the basics including the knots, belaying and the technique.

Rope Acces Work

We provide variety of rope acces works